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VR Tigers is a business-oriented IT company focused on purpose-driven Virtual and Augmented reality development. Our innovation-oriented approach is dedicated to helping businesses start, grow, and succeed.

VR Tigers has more than seven years of experience. We started as a game development studio in 2011 and converted into a VR/AR company in 2016. Our valuable experience in game development allows us to create the most beautiful VR experiences for desktop headsets as well as VR and AR applications optimized for the best performance on mobile platforms.

We are eager to be the best in what we do. That is why we focus on a small number of technologies. Our main specialization is the development of immersive VR experiences and AR applications.
This clear focus of our expertise ensures that our clients get top-notch and best-fitting solutions.

At the same time, we have developed broad competencies which give us capabilities to create new products through the whole product lifecycle from idea through design, development, testing to launch and further support and maintenance. Full-cycle of product development is backed by over 25 professionals in-house including software engineers, artists, product managers, project managers, UI/UX designers, and quality assurance engineers.

At VR Tigers we are willing to work with both the surpassing clients and developers. That’s why our hiring process requires candidates to be not only high-skilled and talented professionals but also share and respect our values. As a result, we have grown an expert team of the most talented and like-minded specialists, who achieve top performance.

VR Tigers is based in Odesa, Ukraine (Eastern Europe). The city has a perfect combination of powerful educational environment, a vast pool of profoundly skilled developers, multinational mentality, cultural proximity to Western mindset, and last, but not least, the warm Black Sea and relaxed atmosphere.


Who We Are About

We’re a group of like-minded VR and AR enthusiasts,
who strongly believe in the potential of non-gaming VR and AR

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Delivered projects
Our team
7 +
Years of experience
80 %
Countries with clients
6 months
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Our cutting-edge, innovative approaches, tools, methods and techniques are just the beginning.
Six other traits keep us ahead of the pack.


Business awareness

Combination of engineering expertise and understanding how marketing functions gives us an ability to suggest to our clients which technology applies the best to their particular business situation.


Engineering with passion

We constantly analyze the latest technology trends of today, to better understand how it will shape the world of tomorrow. It fuels us with capabilities to come up with bright ideas and appropriate solutions to the most sophisticated challenges.


Dedication to client success

We use customer development methodology and take advantage of our product mindset to understand your needs and long-term goals. Then we elaborate custom-tailored software solutions that are required for successful achievement of your company’s objectives.


Professional communication

With a client-centric approach, we are highly responsive to your questions and comments and guarantee prompt and professional communication, avoiding costly delays. We frequently ask our client for feedback and give regular updates on ongoing projects.


Focus on performance

We are aimed to consistently exceed client’s expectations. That's why we are 100% committed to the result. A constant focus on performance, efficiency & effectiveness is our key to delivering bold solutions and speed up their time-to-market.


We go the extra mile

We are willing to go beyond the obvious and add extra value to a client to maximize the return on every dollar spent. Our goal is to always guarantee that the services and solutions we offer are invariably top-notch, secure, reliable and relevant.

Our Core Values

We're united by shared values at VR Tigers. They guide the way we work with our business partners and with each other. Our values are what we respect and care about.

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Business thinking

Our three strengths that support business thinking are the capability of putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes, ownership mentality, and proactivity.

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Long-term cooperation

We base our vision on the value of long-term relationships. The key components of it are mutual trust with the clients, effective and transparent communication, and a commitment to build up open and honest collaboration.

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In addition to high competence and a significant level of expertise, professionalism is also continuous learning and utilization of the best solutions for the particular trial as well as keeping our commitments and never overpromising.

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We believe that the primary way to win a competition is innovation. We encourage it by creating a free-spirited atmosphere of creativity. This way we come up with the best ideas and build the best products.

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We are like-minded people, and our strength is in a shared culture of team play. Mutual respect, mutual help, and cooperativeness outcomes in achieving the most successful results in teams, not individually.

we love our clients

VR Tigers is a software development company. We specialize in VR and AR

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