Extended Team

Extended team model works the best for customers who need to provide their core team a helping hand. Based on contractorship principle, extended team merges with your company and fully contributes into the project development. The developers to join your team are chosen upon the requirements to match the current scope and workload.

When hiring an extended team, you complement an existing one with a necessary number of employees who completely integrate into the workflow. There is a transparent and clear communication between the employees of different departments of both in-house and offshore offices.

Best to use when:

  • You are in need of an expert with a specific set of skills
  • Your core team is busy
  • The workload is changeable


  • Growth opportunities without disturbing the home team
  • Constant control of time/effort ratio of your project
  • A predictable budget as you pay over a period of time the team works for you
  • Common contribution to the success and equal responsibilities of all the members

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