Fixed Price

Fixed price model is preferable for a small to medium projects with well-defined requirements, scope, and timeframe. If you are focused on the result and the project does not require your constant supervision, this model will meet your needs as well.

After the client requests a project, our managers analyze the scope and provide with the work schedule, exact timeframe, and a budget. These key points, together with the technical requirements, stay fixed and unchanged throughout the whole project development. This model allows the client to settle the budget in advance which contributes to the overall success of the project.

Best used when:

  • The project is short-termed
  • The project has low-to-medium technological complexity
  • Small to medium-sized projects
  • Clear requirements and well-defined objectives on the initial stage
  • The requirements are unlikely to change


  • Low risk for the client as the development team is mostly liable for successful completion
  • Fixed price based on the project assessment before the project is brought into production

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