3D modeling

The clear advantage of 3D graphics is that it makes showcasing of existing or potential products more eye-catching. 3D visualization efficiently bridges the gap between an idea and its visual illustration. Commercial use of 3D modeling and animation is limitless: advertising, architecture, entertainment and many more! VR Tigers is ready to deliver top-notch graphical solutions specifically tailored to your business.

3D models is an essential element in many spheres in digital production. Today almost any project that requires visualization relies on the 3D format. Bright, colorful, detailed models serve the best to transfer an idea, present a concept or complement a game. Commercial use of 3D modeling lies in every sphere which presents their product in a way visually appealing.

VR Tigers developers can show knowledge and expertise in producing 3D models and animation delivering quality images with the best efficiency. Despite quality in the technical aspect, our artists ensure that models look attractive and eye-catching to make the presentation top-notch. Well-done models and presentations will be tailored to your business specifically, taking into consideration needs and demands these models should meet.

How we make it happen



Pre-production is an essential stage in 3D modeling. Here an artist creates a model drawing trying to represent it from different angles and in different positions. It allows deciding on textures, materials and other features of the model.


3D Modeling

On the basis of initial drawings, an artist creates a model in 3D shape. it is done by manipulating simple geometrical shapes such as cubes or spheres to create a desired model.


UV Mapping

UV mapping is a representation of a 3D model in a 2D view. This allows coloring and texturing the model surface on a flat image and adjust it to the shape and form of the 3D object.


Texturing and Shaders

At this stage, the artist uses the UV map to add color and texture to the model. It makes it bright and more true-to-life mimicking to how materials look and behave in real life.



Rigging is understood as adding to the model a system of bones and joints often called a skeleton. Organic models typically require a rigging stage to make it animated, but non-organic objects, like cars or tables, may not need it.



As the model has a skeleton, it can be animated. The animators can manipulate the bones and joints to shape and move the model and bring it to life.



To make the model realistic, the artist adds lighting to it. It can be placed anywhere around the object and will be affected by the model, animation and texturing.


Rendering and Compositing

The final step is rendering the image created by the artist. It is usually done layer by layer to achieve the best result. Later, all the layers are composed together to create a complete scene.


Marketing & Advertising

3D technology can play an important role in marketing Stunning 3D models grab users’ attention and contribute to the brand promotion in both still or animated forms.

Health Care

3D models allow medical staff to improve and develop their skills while used in training. Detailed body parts and equipment provide a safe and engaging environment for practice and training.

Real Estate

For many people, it is difficult to imagine the actual size and planning of the building. With 3D models, it is possible to picture a house or an apartment with close-to-life representation for both customers and architects/designers


Use refined 3D models to present student information in a new way. 3D learning experience contributes to students’ engagement and deeper understanding of the subject.

Game Development

Every interesting game, mobile, desktop or console, requires beautiful graphics to engage players and be successful. In order to save your time and be more efficient, we offer quality 3D models and animation to complement your game the best possible way.


Present your concept like nobody else. Our developers and artists are ready to produce the model which represents your vision most precisely. Custom-created and refined solutions will convince everyone your model is the perfect one.


As designing new machinery, equipment or details for production, engineers need to ensure every little element serves its functions. With 3D modeling, manufacturing becomes more precise since three-dimensional patterns allow examining the detail with the most attention.


Let your customers see what they are going to purchase in full detail. 3D models of products on the website allow customers to examine them and even to change according to their preferences.


Benefit from implementing 3D solutions in your business. From educational projects to the gaming environment 3D modeling will bring the best of your industry.

Benefits for you


Rather than explaining, it is better to present your idea in a visual form. A colorful and detailed model will catch the attention of the audience and boost your presentation.

Easily adjustable

3D modeling provides an opportunity to alter the design or change the project in short terms. Our engineers will meet your needs and offer you help at any moment while developing the project.


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