AR development

Augmented reality (AR) eliminates the borderline between physical and virtual worlds, and boosts limitless potential and influence. AR has become a vital ingredient of the promotion of products and services as it opens a new dimension of customer engagement for companies, brands, and businesses. Build a custom-tailored AR solution to help your business achieve digital objectives.

Expand the way you perceive the world around. Alter the reality and see new opportunities with augmented reality. AR technology has the potential to be used in almost any industry. In VR Tigers we aim to come up with a unique solution for each company and its business objectives. AR is an effective tool to promote a company and create the positive customer experience.

Our engineers are skilled in creating quality software with excellent graphical content. They have mastered various technologies to develop applications for particular needs and objectives and our specialists will guide you through them to find the one which fits your project perfectly. Together with high-quality content, we develop our products to show maximum capacity on mobile devices, which are typically used for AR experiences.

Typical AR Solutions

Virtual books

Experience literature in a new way. Add videos, live images, and music to the book. With augmented reality applications, it is possible to go far beyond colored illustrations by making those pictuсes come to live.

Virtual packaging

With AR technology implemented into the product packaging, it is possible to get a customer closely familiar with the brand. As a buyer points a camera on the packaging, they can see a video of its production, detailed nutrition facts or even a recipe. Such an approach improves greatly brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Museum guide

Instead of listening to an audio guide, use a smartphone to lead you through art history. Augmented reality makes a regular gallery a portal to the past. With an application, it is possible to learn more about the painting, the artist, the style. Read and watch it all on a smartphone display as you move from one painting or sculpture to another.

Interior design

Save time planning how the accommodation will look. AR application can help to furnish and style a house in a matter of seconds. As your customers are happy with the result, they can go shopping for the chosen furniture in the same app.

A business card

There is a better way to present a professional rather than a boring regular business card. Try to add a digital element to make it look innovative and up-to-date. With an AR application for business cards, it is possible to add much more information besides the name, position, and contacts. It can include links to profiles in social media, portfolio example, expertise and many more.

How we make it happen


Choosing the SDK and platform

AR industry has developed a number of tools for application development. As well as choosing among them, there is also a wide range of platform which support this technology. We will guide you through all of them and help to choose the one which can represent your idea the best way.


Design UI/UX

We believe that a well-thought design and interface impact the application success to a great extent. Our engineers always do their best to develop such an experience that will be gripping and amazing.


Development and testing

The development team get to work on the project when all the details are agreed. While the development we put to the test every unit and detail of the project to make sure it performs smoothly to grant the user an exciting interactive experience.


Product Launch

When we are sure that the project is up and running, we prepare it for launch. We continue to work on the project even after this to monitor the performance and provide support if necessary.


Marketing & Advertising

AR technology for marketing provides a wide range of solutions to attract attention to the brand. Vivid imagery with interactive elements allows to entertain and engage customers which contributes to their perception of the brand.

Health Care

AR is used from aiding a physician in treatment to educating students. AR applications can gather information from many specialists and serve as a patient’s case record, a digital reference book or simulator training.

Real Estate

Real estate AR solutions provide the customers with an opportunity to see the interior or the construction project of the future building. Interactive elements allow exploring the image from every angle.


AR solutions in education allow diversifying teaching process in both academic and professional education spheres. Interactive workshops and tasks contribute to a better result.

Game development

With high-quality solutions, VR Tigers can help to deliver your customers an exciting AR experience. Interactive games perfectly combine digital images with the real environment to enjoy the game to a full extent.


Amuze the customers with high-quality augmented reality applications that let them enjoy the world around in a new way. Drawing, puzzles, coloring, adventures and more on a verge of the real and digital worlds.

Tourism & Hospitality

Enhance your customers’ traveling experience with multifunctional AR solutions. They can be used as a guide with an interactive map showing the best places to visit. AR apps can provide information on the sights, places of interest and even guide a person in a museum.


Our expertise in AR allows us to create effective solutions for retail. We can deliver a high-quality 3D representation of the shop, interactive catalogs, and fitting rooms. AR applications serve as perfect tools to convince the customer they need your product.


Take your business to another level with augmented reality solutions: digital marketing, virtual guides, educational workshops and more.

Benefits for you

Giving a better experience to the customers

Present your products in the best possible way. Let your customers interact with it and feel a full potential of what you can suggest. Impress them with an innovative approach you conduct your business.

Be unique

Stand out among the competitors with state-of-art solutions for your customers. With AR technology your customers will be surprised and will spread the word about the company. Augmented reality gets more virality and brings recognition to the brand.

Join a growing market

Extended reality market has significantly grown in the last few years and is expected to get even bigger in the future. Benefit from the growing trend and boost your business with extended reality technologies.

Increase sales

AR solution is a great tool which can visualize a product as it is. Such accurate representation can benefit in increasing sales as customers will be aware of the product features and characteristics.


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