Game development

Gamers are fascinated by virtual reality user experience. It’s a way more engaging and natural to be a part of the game rather than just play it on a TV screen. A good VR game is so appealing that gamers feel as if they had really lived in the virtual experiences they were. VR Tigers is a team of passionate game creators who may implement a concept into a ready-to-market game.

People will never get enough of entertainment. The gaming industry is regularly replenished with new successful projects. We will help you to speak up about your company in this field. In VR Tigers we aim to create exciting and engaging gaming experience which can meet expectations of the most demanding customers.

Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced in game development and have various expertise. We can offer a full-cycle game development, from initial research to a ready-to-market-product. Developers in VR Tiger are able to design high-quality 3D models, excellent graphics and interface to present the user a bright and gripping game to have fun and entertain. Tell us about your idea and we will develop it into a living dream.

Typical Solutions

Mobile gaming

Mobile games became a significant market sector as it is difficult to imagine a modern person without a smartphone. VR Tigers will help you to conquer it by providing you with top-notch solutions. Our developers are able to deliver a quality representation of your idea to all mobile platforms.

Web gaming

Browser games have always been a thing, starting from flash game evolving to modern HTML solutions. VR Tigers engineers will show you the capabilities of web entertainment from social media game to gamified elements on a company’s website.

PC gaming

Despite the growing influence of other sectors in the gaming industry, PC games still stay relevant and popular today. Our game developers are ready to build a game to satisfy the user: with high-quality graphics, intuitive gameplay, and gripping scenario.

VR gaming

VR technology provides the user with a unique ability to get fully immersed in the game. Instead of watching a character, the user becomes one. Immersive experience grants players a new level of enjoying the game. Interactive environment, motion tracking, blocking the real environment let the user take his gaming experience to a new level.

AR gaming

Augmented reality serves as a bridge between real and digital worlds. With a computer-generated image overlaid on top of the real objects, augmented reality games provide a completely new form of entertainment.

How we make it happen


Idea refinement and concept development

Before developing begins, there is a necessity to define a basic game concept. Game designers decide on the setting, plot, and characters. There are also defined such game components as mechanics, development technology and the way the user will interact with the game.


Developing the proof concept

Next stage is to develop the proof concept to check whether the concept is good enough and playable. Our engineers review if the controls work properly, how appealing the design looks and decide if the concept should be changed.


Game design documentation

This stage may be considered as the start of the production process. All the experts engaged in the process take their part in creating a game design document (GDD). GDD is an essential element as it provides a highly descriptive and detailed depiction of a game design.


Creating prototypes

As the developers clearly understand the game concept, here comes the time to build a prototype. It may be rather time-consuming, but this step is critical to understand if the game mechanics is playable, controls are intuitive and everything works as designed. Any mistake found is fixed at this stage.


Designing architecture

Architecture is the most important part of the game development process. In game development, architecture is usually based on the modular approach. It grants developers some flexibility in the developing process.


Implementation of the game

As the GDD is compiled and the architecture is built, the developers start the actual coding. The engineers develop all the aspects like levels, menus, gameplay, UI and UX.


Game testing

The last step of the game development process is testing. It is done by quality assurance engineers and includes various tests to prove the game efficiently working. All the bugs and issues are fixed to deliver the users a smooth and up and running game.



Deliver your customers the best gaming and entertainment solutions. Multiple platforms make it easier to find your target audience and succeed in the gaming industry.

Serious games

Serious games are applied in all fields where training and education are necessary. Turn a boring lecture into an exciting interactive experience to boost the efficiency of the training


Substitute a plane presentation with gamified elements. Add a little web-game on the website, make the advertisement interactive, implement gaming elements into your working process and watch how it makes everything better.

Benefits for you

Growing market

The gaming industry is constantly growing and changing. With new technologies, like VR and AR, it got on a new round of development. Join the trend and benefit from it.


Various platforms and types of games give an opportunity to choose the solution which fits your needs the best. A game development team can adjust to your goals, target audience, and budget.


In game development, you are limited by your ideas only. Unleash your imagination and create a new fantasy world where players would go on their adventures.

A universal tool

The gaming industry can offer solutions to satisfy many needs: games may be used for entertainment as well as for a brand promotion, education, and training.


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