Project management

VR Tigers’s dedicated project managers support you throughout the development process to make sure that all requirements and expectations are met, and all deliverables come on time and under budget.

A good start is already half the work. In VR Tigers we strongly believe that it is impossible to create a successful software product without proper management. The very product always starts with analysis, planning and product strategy development. A project manager is a person who knows everything about the project, both technical and non-technical, and is in constant contact with the customer.

In VR Tigers we pay great attention to product management as it greatly influences the quality of work. Throughout the development process, a project manager will be your guide and help to organize, regulate and coordinate the work process of the development team. They look after the time and budget spent, make sure the product meets all requirements and specifications and that the final result is what you expect to receive.

Typical PM Models

Waterfall (traditional model)

One of the oldest models to organize a project. It implies dividing the development process into stages with precise planning of each of them. It is a rather formalized method with a strict sequence of actions. Works the best when the project requirements are clear and defined from the very beginning.


Agile is a flexible software development method that involves a large number of iterations. The focus is on the working product as the main assessment of progress. Agile has become a fundamental concept for software development and is reflected in other methodologies.


Scrum is a flexible project management method which concept is based on "sprints". Sprint is a short iteration, strictly limited in time with a defined development framework. Scrum method allows implementing changes on almost every development stage.


Kanban is a popular approach to implement agile software development. It involves a discussion of real-time performance and full transparency of workflows. Stages of work are visually presented on the kanban-board, which allows team members to see the status of each task at any time.


Marketing & Advertising

Branded VR and AR experiences and applications is a great tool for marketing campaigns and for presenting your products in a deluxe 3D appearance.

Real Estate

Use VR walkthrough visualizations to pitch architectural projects or market real estate that has not been even built yet. Walk inside properties without leaving a real estate office. Play with furniture pieces and virtual interior in your new home without buying them


Educational apps and experiences for kids and adults excitingly present difficult and mundane content. History, geometry, physics, chemistry, arts, crafts, and other come live and spectacular when the user puts on a VR set

Game Development

The game experience feels immersive as never before! Realistic 3D realms or even a game augmented into a real world. Anything is possible!

Tourism & Hospitality

VR experiences open endless possibility for people all around the world of taking virtual tours to any country, museum, natural attraction, or other landmarks at any time. Showcase your hotel, resort, or venue to potential travelers.


Real-life simulations, interactive multi-dimensional data visualizations, immersive serious games, virtual working places and more.

Benefits for you


Project management implies providing a detailed plan and roadmap of the project realization. It greatly influences the way work process is organized and gives you the full picture which allows implementing the project with maximum efficiency.

Great customer experience

As long as you deliver the product on time and within the budget, you gain a satisfied customer that is likelу to use your service again. Careful project management helps you to satisfy the customers and provide enhance customer experience.

Team development

A qualified project manager always takes time to analyze the results and the whole development process. Received information allows to improve teamwork and inspire the team for better results.


Among various methodologies what can be implied, there is a choice for everyone. Our project managers will help you to define the best way to organize the work process to achieve the best result possible.

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