Quality Assurance and Testing services

Our QA engineers ensure that your developed product meets business goals, all functionality works seamlessly and relatively bug-free, and the user experience is astounding. Along with this, we also make sure that the product and its code is scalable, effective, secure and reliable.

Quality assurance is an essential element of any product development. Quality control allows engineers to know the production goes as planned. If we work with the project from the very beginning, QA engineers design test scheme and submit tests throughout the whole production to make sure the product is up and running. If the finished product is put to testing, the engineers organize a set of tests to estimate the performance and find issues.

At VR Tigers we aim to make sure your product performs smoothly and efficiently. Apart from technical control, we pay attention to whether the product meets your business goals and requirements. Our engineers organize various tests such as unit testing, system testing, automation testing, user acceptance testing, and many others. We care about your product and want it to be as efficient as possible.

Typical QA Solutions

Unit testing

Testing of individual components of the software. Typically done throughout the whole development process to ensure each element contributes to the quality final result.

System testing

In this case, the system as a whole is put under the test. It verifies that the system meets the requirements and all its elements perform as they should.

Integration testing

Integration testing includes testing of all modules to verify the combined functionality. It aims to prove that all integrated units are able to function and interact properly.

Regression testing

Every new module added leads to changes in a program. This type of testing makes sure that the system works properly even after adding components to the complete program.

Automation testing

Automation testing simplifies QA engineers work using scripts to test the program. Automated testing tools are capable of executing tests, reporting outcomes and comparing results with earlier test runs.

User acceptance testing

One of the final test stages is user acceptance testing, which directly involves the intended users of the software. The software is tested whether it meets the business requirements and satisfies customers’ needs.

Performance testing

Sometimes also called ‘stress’ and ‘load’ testing. Performance testing is done to check whether the system meets the performance requirements in different conditions and levels of load.



Showcase the car interior and exterior to potential buyers and allow them have a virtual test drive! Save time and money on the designers and constructors work by using VR visualization at every stage of designing and manufacturing process.


Educational apps and experiences for kids and adults excitingly present difficult and mundane content. History, geometry, physics, chemistry, arts, crafts, and other come live and spectacular when the user puts on a VR set.


VR, AR and MR games or experiences supplementary to your movie or digital media offer a new dimension and entertain your consumers immersing them in the virtual world or augmenting the real one.

Game Development

The game experience feels immersive as never before! Realistic 3D realms or even a game augmented into a real world. Anything is possible!

Health Care

Improve skills of medical staff with surgery simulation, virtual hands-on training, and human body visualization experiences. Pain relief experiences, treatment for PTSD, physical rehabilitation, and treatment programs are some of VR and AR solutions for your patients.


Real-life simulations, interactive multi-dimensional data visualizations, immersive serious games, virtual working places and more.

Benefits for you

Save money

With regular testing bugs and issues can be found on early stages when it is significantly easier and faster to fix them. The longer it stays undetected, the more time and money are required to remove it.

Maintain great user experience

Everyone expects the software they receive to work smoothly and properly. Quality assurance allows you to present the customers a quality, well-done product that will satisfy them.

Gain credibility

If every product you launch passes a thorough quality control, your customers will see the company as a reliable one. Alongside growing credibility, the company will gain new customers as their reputation goes well-known.

Increase sales

A polished, refined product has more chances to be successful on the market than the one which has issues. The customers greatly care about how smooth the program works and reluctantly invest in not quality products.

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