VR development

Virtual Reality has become a tool not only for entertainment and gaming but every business today. VR Tigers delivers custom cost-effective virtual reality (VR) development solutions for a variety of industries including education, healthcare, real estate, gaming, entertainment, and others. Leverage the benefits created by virtual reality technology!

Although virtual reality is commonly associated with gaming, we believe that possibilities of this technology are far beyond games only. In VR Tigers we focus on VR solutions that can be beneficial for companies and enterprises. Usage of VR applications and programs lets you be innovative and take your customers’ experience to a new level. It is a powerful tool to engage customers with the company, increase their interest and loyalty, and keep you on lead positions in your field.

Our developers are experienced and proficient in many technologies that can be used to deliver a high-quality digital product. We work on all the main platforms to provide you with a range of options of how to build your project. If you have doubts about which platform and technology will work the best, our engineers will help you to make a decision. Trust your ideas to us and see how even the most incredible of them come to life.

Typical VR Solutions

Educational workshops

After telling students about a historical age, a chemistry reaction or any other topic within the curriculum, supply them with a VR workshop. In the created environment they can themselves see and try what they have learned in theory. Such an experience drastically increases students’ involvement in the education process and material learning.

Employee training

If an employee needs to learn to operate new machinery, the easiest and safest way is a VR training. Being in the virtual environment, they can practice how to work with the equipment without risking to damage it or to injure themselves. Also, you can show a new workplace or your office to a new employee before they even arrive to you.

Virtual tours

Use virtual tours to show your clients around any place: a resort they chose for vacation, a house they want to buy, a car they consider purchasing. Guide them to your production lines to show how smooth and efficient everything works. VR experience will help to persuade your customers you have exactly what they need without leaving your office.


Substitute traditional video calls with a more innovative way of communication: a VR meeting. You can gather with people from all over the world and have a face-to-face discussion. There is no need now for costly business trips as you can organize a meeting with a click of a mouse.

How we make it happen


Choose your VR hardware

VR technology is presented by various platforms, from budget mobile headsets to hi-end PC-connected hardware. Depending on your goals we will advise you the most appropriate one to use for the project.


Design UX

In VR application user perception of the environment plays an essential role. Our UX engineers develop the project design to provide the user the most comfortable and exciting experience. They pay attention to the control method, visual representation, performance and other elements that contribute to the best experience.


Design VR UI

Next step would be to develop a user interface. The elements are chosen and implemented in the project according to the goals the project should meet. while working on the interface elements, we think how to combine them with the overall look of the project environment.


Model VR environment

VR application success highly depends on how quality the digital environment is. Our engineers put all their experience to develop the most appealing and visually pleasing surrounding.


Development and testing

We put to the test every unit and detail of the project to make sure it performs smoothly to grant the user an exciting immersive experience.


Product Launch

When we are sure that the project is up and running, we prepare it for launch. We continue to work on the project even after this to monitor the performance and provide support if necessary.


Marketing & Advertising

VR solution for marketing provides companies with an opportunity to enrich customers’ experience with their brands. Interactive presentations, guides, branded gaming applications will introduce the audience to a new way of communication with businesses.

Health Care

VR can be used as an element of treatment for multiple mental and physical conditions or as a means of raising awareness. For doctors, it is an efficient tool of education, practice and knowledge sharing.

Real Estate

VR experience serves as a perfect tool to convey your ideas to the customers. Presentation of a future building or a flat interior with an excellent visual model allows decreasing the time and money you spend showing your customers around.


The theory is necessary, but practice is essential. Immersive VR workshops and simulators contribute to educational process increasing students’ engagement and general efficiency. Educational VR apps can be applied to both academic and professional approaches.

Game Development

To play a good game is a great pleasure, to be a part of one is a delight. With VR gaming becomes a fascinating, adrenaline-filled experience one doesn’t want to leave. Let your customers explore new worlds and enjoy what they haven’t tried before.


VR experience is an exciting way to entertain your customers. Organize a VR movie theater or an amusement park: the customers will be thrilled and amazed by the immersive experience you provide them with.


Showcase the car interior and exterior to potential buyers and allow them to have a virtual test drive! Save time and money on the designers and constructors work by using VR visualization at every stage of designing and manufacturing process.

Mental Wealth

Treat yourself with a relaxing VR experience to reduce stress and take care of your mental wealth. Practice meditation, observing or a walk in nature with VR mental wealth solutions.


VR prototyping of complex products allows engineers to take care of every detail and test dangerous equipment before it is even produced. New employees training passes smoothly and efficiently with VR where they get acquainted with their workplace and work process.


Enhance your customers’ experience by introducing them to an interactive experience with your brand using interactive catalogs, virtual fitting rooms, and other solutions.

Military & Defence

Virtual training, battlefield and vehicle simulations, tactical games, rescue or medical scenarios for police, fire department, security, military or other brave guys.


Benefit from VR solutions with a high-quality digital environment: real-life simulations, interactive multi-dimensional data visualizations, immersive serious games, virtual working places and more.

Benefits for you


VR is a technology with limitless potential. It can be applied to almost any industry to provide multiple solutions according to specific business context and goals of each customer.

Giving a better experience to the customers

Present your products in the best possible way. Let your customers interact with it and feel a full potential of what you can suggest. Impress them with an innovative approach you conduct your business.

Reduce cost

Save money implementing new technology into your business. With VR you can reduce the cost of business travel, prototype development, training and education, marketing, and many more. Invest once - receive benefit regularly.

Be unique

Stand out among the competitors with state-of-art solutions for your customers. With VR technology your customers will be surprised and will spread the word about the company. Virtual reality gets more virality and brings recognition to the brand.


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