We value: Long-term cooperation

Here at VR Tigers, we make a bet on the long-term relationship with our clients. The key component of our relationship with clients is trust. We diligently win trust by consistently getting work done, delivering real value and producing stellar results.

Also, we invest in fostering effective communication. VR Tigers proactively communicate with the client. Regular schedule, standardized formats, and channels for communication help us to build its structure.

The next approach to build up good relationships is to make them open and honest. It means that we keep the client informed about the progress of the project on a regular basis. We discuss all potential issues as they arise. Also, if our client is convinced that something is right and we stand firm that it’s not, we will still honestly convey our professional opinion even if it may make that client angry or irritated.

These beliefs help to develop a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship.

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