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Aboriginals VR Educational Workshop is designed to present the life of aboriginals of Australia to young school-age children. We used the series of 360 stills and videos and a Bush Tucker game to immerse students into this topic. One part of the application is interactive exercises and respectful educational discussions about the Aboriginal pre-1788 life.

Another exciting part of the Aboriginals is the interactive VR game which leads children to the world of the oldest continuous culture on the planet. Scholars get an opportunity to wander through the traditional Indigenous architecture.

In the game, they also interact with the local wildlife: birds, kangaroo, and other creatures. At daytime, students watch the scenic landscapes. At nighttime, they watch the stars and dance at the evening campfire with the locals.

01Goals and Tasks

Goals and Tasks
Bring an interactive and immersive way of introducing children to history in schools
Control and modify this experience for 20-30 children at the same time from one device



Develop an engine for virtual tours that allows the user to explore the site, walk around, open doors, use staircases to visit multiple levels.


Develop an engine for virtual tours that allows the user to explore the site, walk around, open doors, use staircases to visit multiple levels.


  • None of the existing Unity video plugins for Android of that time could support adding 20+ HD videos in one app to play them smoothly during one session. Thus we built our own one to make it possible.
  • We added anti-nausea mode in the VR game. Whenever a child felt sick and reported it the game could be switched to it.



The client has got a fully-functional application in short time and small budget. VR Workshop has been tested on several focus groups of children and has got positive feedback. Participants of the focus test were excited to study history through VR and games.

Engineering practices

Short Releases

With the Short Iterations technique, we deliver potentially shippable features fast, keep focused on the goas and allow for quick discovery of optimal solutions because of the tight feedback loop

Continuous Integration

Our engineers integrate their code into a shared repository several times a day, which benefits us with a robust workflow and better quality assurance

Unit Testing

The purpose of unit testing is to validate that each unit of the software performs as designed. It results in a more reliable codebase, smooth integration, and faster development

Automated Testing

Automated testing allows us to simplify testing efforts. Once created, automated tests can easily be repeated testing the same areas over and over at no additional cost

Code Reviews

Systematic examination of completed work is a part of our workflow that allows us to deliver defect-free software. We keep continuously updating and improving this process

Pair Programming

Fewer mistakes are introduced into the code, and more of them are detected earlier rather than in QA Testing or in the production. Also, the software design is better and code length is shorter, and multiple teammates understand each piece of the system

Static Code Analysis

Static code analysis allows our software engineers to examine code without executing it. Meaning, it is used to find potential software quality issues and ensure that the codebase conforms to coding guidelines and industry standards

Coding Convention

Coding standards define a programming style. It makes the code easy to understand and provides consistency which leads to saving working hours and making the code easy to both manage and maintain in the longrun

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Unity3d Developer x2
Computer Graphics Generalist
QA Engineer
Project Manager
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