Chronic Solutions

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Chronic Solutions

Chronic Solutions is an application built to help people who suffer from chronic pain. Based on the concept of neuroplasticity, the app puts a patient into conditions perfect for developing pain management techniques. A therapeutic effect is achieved through immersing a person into the virtual reality and giving them an opportunity to soothe the pain with the help of a guided experience.

01Goals and tasks

Goals and tasks
Create an uninterrupted immersive experience with picturesque scenery and realistic score for maximum therapeutic effect
Choose an appropriate headset that should be mobile, affordable and easy-to-use



It was essential to build an experience that can create a proper emotional and psychological state of mind of the patient for the best result.


The application should be simple and comfortable in-use for people who experience pain and/or lack experience with VR.


It was crucial to optimize application performance for a mobile headset without graphics quality reduction.


As the application is most likely to be developed further, it was necessary to provide the customer with an ability to modify the content without developers’ help.



Our engineers built an application to be used on Oculus Go. This headset guarantees easy and comfortable usage without sacrificing the quality of the experience. The developers optimized the application for smooth and quality performance on this platform. 

The content itself was carefully designed and composed to ensure proper pace and atmosphere within the experience. The elements of the experience were combined to ensure a balance between being an engaging yet not gaming one.

The application was built using a flexible scenario framework, which allows the customer to modify and change audio and sequence of events in a matter of minutes.



In the end, our engineers delivered the application which can immerse patients into a beautiful peaceful experience that relieves pain and contributes to developing pain management techniques. The interaction of the user with the application was developed in a way to complement the narrative and not make the whole experience overwhelming. All the tasks were successfully completed and the customer received a fully-operational application that may be further improved and developed as part of their R&D process.

Engineering practices

Continuous Integration

Our engineers integrate their code into a shared repository several times a day, which benefits us with a robust workflow and better quality assurance.

Unit Testing

The purpose of unit testing is to validate that each unit of the software performs as designed. It results in a more reliable codebase, smooth integration, and faster development.

Automated Testing

Automated testing allows us to simplify testing efforts. Once created, automated tests can easily be repeated testing the same areas over and over at no additional cost.

Code Reviews

Systematic examination of completed work is a part of our workflow that allows us to deliver defect-free software. We keep continuously updating and improving this process.

Short Iterations

With the Short Iterations technique, we deliver potentially shippable features fast, keep focused on the goas and allow for quick discovery of optimal solutions because of the tight feedback loop.

Coding Convention

Coding standards define a programming style. It makes the code easy to understand and provides consistency which leads to saving working hours and making the code easy to both manage and maintain in the longrun.

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