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Each year approximately one-third of young people from grades 6 through 12 worldwide become victims of bullying. Bullying is not just playing around or peer conflict. It occurs when a student, or a group of students, repeatedly act aggressively against another student and hence hurt or humiliate them. Bullying and harassment often cause lasting physical and mental harm. Bullying can have significant adverse outcomes, for both the bully and for bullied one.

The goal of this VR Workshop is to make a positive impact by teaching middle-school age children how to handle bullying behavior and to change possible bully behavior. Australian actors have participated in the project to create the realistic atmosphere of the workshop.

01Goals and Tasks

Goals and Tasks
To address bullying behaviors by incorporating social and emotional learning into the discipline plan with the help of Virtual Reality experience
Help to develop empathy by teaching students to look at the situation from a different perspective and thus presumably prevent future bullying incidents.
To teach children different strategies of handling bullying behavior



Create a realistic world and atmosphere, so all scenarios and game interactions feel natural and consistent to pupils


Create as much positive impact on children as possible in not that long VR workshop


  • We concentrated our attention on the details of scenarios and 3D graphics content, so the experience would feel natural
  • We implemented several scenarios and games to play in various possible bullying situations



As a result, a positive social impact application was produced, which was used in real conditions in Australian schools. The customer has got an experience, which helps to implement their educational strategy

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