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Virtual tours are the best approach to help Real Estate company to sell properties fast and expeditiously. It also makes a life of a potential customer more comfortable as they don’t need to go to lots of properties distributed across the area. Instead, they can just take as many virtual tours as they want and pick a few estates for a real visit. Traditional photography or a flat floor plan can’t express the feeling of that home. On the opposite, VR tour is able to convey all its values as if you are actually there.

01Goals and Tasks

Goals and Tasks
Develop an engine for virtual tours that allows the user to explore the site, walk around, open doors, use staircases to visit multiple levels
Make 3D models captured with Matterport beautiful and nicely looking



We wanted the interiors to look attractive and appealing. However, 3D models captured with Matterport were provided in lower quality. We had to thoroughly work on them to make them beautiful and close to reality.



Our 3D specialists spent a decent amount of time making the 3D models look pretty. Also, they found a way to automate an approach of improving the model quality, which saved us lots of time and money.
Meanwhile, our VR engineers built an engine for presenting numerous 3D models with the ability to walk around and look in every corner.



As a result, VR Tigers provided the client with software for Virtual tour undertaking. Now our client can put buyers directly inside properties without ever leaving their showroom. The engine crafted by VR Tigers engineers is easy to populate with new 3D models of various premises. Also, our CG generalist fixed, polished and refined 3d models captured with Matterport.

Engineering practices

Continuous Integration

Our engineers integrate their code into a shared repository several times a day, which benefits us with a robust workflow and better quality assurance

Short Iterations

With the Short Iterations technique, we deliver potentially shippable features fast, keep focused on the goas and allow for quick discovery of optimal solutions because of the tight feedback loop

Unit Testing

The purpose of unit testing is to validate that each unit of the software performs as designed. It results in a more reliable codebase, smooth integration, and faster development

Automated Testing

Automated testing allows us to simplify testing efforts. Once created, automated tests can easily be repeated testing the same areas over and over at no additional cost

Static Code Analysis

Static code analysis allows our software engineers to examine code without executing it. Meaning, it is used to find potential software quality issues and ensure that the codebase conforms to coding guidelines and industry standards

Coding Convention

Coding standards define a programming style. It makes the code easy to understand and provides consistency which leads to saving working hours and making the code easy to both manage and maintain in the longrun

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